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Waterford Historical Society (CT)

In front of the Beebe-Phillips House, the Thames Garden Club has planted flowers and herbs. Some of the herbs planted:

1. Tansy (tanaceturm dulgare)­ considered a moth repellent. 

2. Thyme (thymus vulgari) - used in sauces, gravy, stews, dressings, tea.

3. Sage (salvis officinalis) - a culinary herb used with meat, fish, cheese, stuffing, squash, and breads.

4. Sweet Woodruff (galium odoraturm) - used for fragrances, and in beverages, cold fruit drinks, tea and wine.

5. Lemon Balm (melissa officinal) - for fragrances, as an ornamental, in lemon scented sachets, potpourris and teas.

6. Chives (allium schoeoprasum) -­ for culinary and ornamental uses.

7. Hollyhocks (alecea rosea) - ornamental, an old fashion flower favorite.

8. Mint Lavage (mentha) - culinary, used in fruit drinks, with lamb; and as a moth repellent.

"Herbs are good companions - To vegetables in the garden - To cooks in the kitchen."

Terry Wilmot Garden