Waterford, CT Historical Society

Margaret Washburn Stacy, a proof ready for the New London Day, was actively interested in the history of the area and gathered a wealth of historical back information which was used in her numerous contributions of news articles and publications.

Upon her death in April 1979, she bequeathed her home at 9 Locust Court to the Society. Feeling that Mrs. Stacy would appreciate her contribution to be used in the most ben­eficial manner to the community, the Society sold the Locust Court property, thus making available funds to complete the Barn/Muse­ um and Blacksmith shop.

On July 9, 1981, goundbreaking ceremonies took place on the hilltop site overlooking the other historic buildings already on the Jordan Green.

Barn/Museum houses an extensive collection of farm implements, equipment, and other ar­tifacts from Waterford's past, which provides an educational view of what the early farmers had to work with in order to produce their crops and keep their livestock.

Margaret W. Stacy Memorial Barn