Waterford Historical Society (Connecticut) official seal.

Waterford Historical Society (CT)

Waterford Historical Society dedicates new sign on Jordan Green

After months of painstaking work in the forge, and in collaboration with the Town, a beautiful, permanent hand-wrought sign designed and crafted by talented blacksmith Charlie Sedell and his assistants now stands on Jordan Green, easily seen by passers-by and giving new prominence to the Waterford Historical Society’s presence.

A dedication ceremony was held on August 2, 2022, attended by Waterford’s First Selectman Rob Brule, Ryan McNamara of Waterford Recreation & Parks, our Society’s President Kristen Widham and board members, Charlie, stonemason Nick Cancelmo and a few of the blacksmiths who helped in its construction (and whose initials are carved into the upper section of the sign.)  

Special thanks to Waterford artist Alan Anderson for his design work on the sign’s lettering and enhancing the original seal drawn by renowned local artist Nelson C. White in the 1960s.

  • View this video of Charlie Sedell thanking everyone involved for their time, talents and support to make the new sign a reality. 
  • View the slide show below, showing the fabrication, hoisting and dedication of the new sign. Thanks to Philip A. Medbery for his excellent photography, chronicling this project from start to finish.