Waterford Historical Society (CT)

Generous donation funds restoration and repairs to Waterford Historical Society historic buildings, 2023

Waterford Historical Society (Connecticut) official seal.

Important restorations and repairs were made to two of the Waterford Historical Society's historic buildings in 2023: the Beebe-Phillips House and the 1740 Jordan Schoolhouse. These enormous tasks were made possible by a Society member's generous donation.

The Beebe-Phillips House exterior trim and baseboards were repaired and repainted, and exterior windows were painted and glazed. The 1740 Jordan Schoolhouse's exterior was completely repaired and repainted, and all the individual paned windows were carefully reglazed. The interior ceilings of the Beebe-Phillips parlor and bourning rooms were carefully restored and repainted as well.

It is important that any repair or restoration work done on the Society's buildings be done by a certified restoration company. Fortunately, the work on these buildings was performed by 18th Century Restoration Carpentry, owned by Waterford's own Paul McMasters.