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History of Waterford, Connecticut

The Town of Waterford was incorporated on October 8, 1801, to become the 109th Town in the State of Connecticut, as the result of action taken by its residents to be set apart from New London.

English Colonists first harvested crops on Fog Plain and Mamacoke in 1645, grad­ually displacing the native Nehantic and Pequot Indians. The allocation of farm lots was made to individual colonists in 1651, followed by the establishment of a sawmill site in the Quaker Hill section on Hunts Brook, in 1653.

The Jordan area was first mentioned in 1663 and Jordan School house in 1737. As the land developed out with the increase of farming, milling, and the quarrying of granite, Waterford progressed and pros­pered.

Waterford gave thousands of acres to help form East Lyme in 1839 and two square miles were taken for New London by legislative action in 1899.  Waterford now has 23 miles of coastline and consists of 24,256 acres (37.9 square miles.)