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1740 Jordan Schoolhouse

Jordan Schoolhouse, Waterford, Connecticut
A rendering of the Jordan Schoolhouse, Waterford, Connecticut

​The 1740 Jordan Schoolhouse is the oldest surviving public building in Waterford.

The first mention of a schoolhouse in Jordan was recorded in describing the Manwaring land near the Jordan Baptist Church in 1737 ... "a plot of land with the Jordan Brook as its eastern boundary on which stands a schoolhouse."

The schoolhouse features a gambrel roof, two rooms, a garret and two fireplaces. The granite steps at the front of the schoolhouse once were located at the West Neck School­ house in the 1800's. Sometime in the mid-1800's, the schoolhouse was converted to a private home for the widow Eliza Gallup and her three young children; hence the plastered walls and other more "modern" features.

The schoolhouse was moved to its present location in 1972.