West Neck Cemetery:

An Acre of Ever-Changing Challenges for over 167 years.

This Presentation will move from an overview of West Neck Cemetery's longevity as one of Waterford's active cemeteries to a guided discussion of what happens when families memorialize their loved ones only to have their efforts and involvement fade, leaving abandoned graveyards for the like of us to puzzle over. 

Stories about some of West Neck Cemetery 400+ "residents" will highlight how we are handling the cemetery's obligation to keep earlier times alive even as we meet an obligation to those not yet born by managing abandoned and unused burial sites with an eye to the future. 

So, This will be combination of history, "their-story," our story and your stories!

   John R. Morgan 

West Neck Cemetery Association 

Secretary/ Treasurer

​​​​​Waterford Historical Society​, Inc.